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Coming from my own small business, I am not working because I am asked to. I do because I feel passion about it. I own the mindset of a team leader. I am experienced, organize extraordinarily, see the big picture fast and give my 150% because I want the mission to be done.

Done very well.


I care about being on time, saving resources (such as money), interacting with people in the right way and having the best possible outcome in the end.


Although nowadays it is not popular to do so, I do take responsibility for what I say, choose and do. You can count on me and I expect no less from the people around me.

Your benefits


 I solve your problems.

Because I care about all the important components,  I am a woman of my words and neither my mindset nor my knowledge is basic, you:




Can be relaxed and have the trust, that what my role is, will be taken care of. Exquisitely.



I am in the movie industry since 2014. I have a degree in leather works. Also studied from Mónika Frankl, Hungary’s leading leather artist for films. Did significant movies such as Dune, Uncharted, The King, Gladiator 2


I have an equipped workshop for leather and drapery work, with various machines and hundreds of tools.


Gladiator 2 • The Bends • The Hunger Games 2022 • Alice  •  Baghead  •  Babylon Berlin   •  John Wick 4  •  The Last Song for Stella  •  The Last Voyage of the Demeter  •  Spencer  •  Uncharted •  Shadow and Bone  •  Dune I  •  The King 2018  •  The Last Kingdom 2018  •  The Last Kingdom 2017  •  The Terror 2016-2017 tv series  • The Last Kingdom 2016  •  Jamestown 2016  •  Emerald City 2015-16  •  King Lear 2015 opera  •  Farnace 2015 opera  •  Bánk Bán 2015 opera  • Kincsem 2015 movie  • Marco Polo 2015 movie  • Ben Hur 2014 movie  •  The Last Kingdom 2014  & many Hungarian plays

Still thinking?

Shooting happens anyway in the end….I am well aware of that. But. If you want to spare yourself the hassle, save money and want to know that you have at at least one person  as a strong point, no matter what, then hire me.

Kata, is joy to work with. She has a lovely way about her and is willing to take on any task with confidence and readiness. She’s a wonderful problem solver and is thorough and never lets me down. Her work is top-notch and creative. I would have her on any film I do. I love how she approaches her work and how collaborative and well-liked she is. She quietly and smartly assesses projects and has a wonderful eye for detail. She has a beautiful sensibility and is proactive about what needs to be done to accomplish a project. She’s a delight for me.

Jacqueline West

Costume designer • Dune, The Revenant, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Thanks so much for your awesome work. It was all super stunning, looked amazing and also how you helped us to come that close to what we had in mind – not to mention how professional you were!

Laura Jacob

Set design assistant

We, at Ann Galé accessories were absolutely blessed to have Kata leading our Berlin leather accessory production. To find someone with such a level of skill, attention to detail, integrity and dedication was a miracle. Kata began the project with us from scratch and co-developed all the designs from our first collection. She treated the project as her own, constantly looking for the best and more efficient way to improve and optimise the processes and save costs wherever possible.
At Ann Galé we have the highest standards of quality of our products, as we position ourselves as a high class luxury brand. Our designs are minimalistic, so the focus goes on the quality of finish and treatment to materials, perfection in every aspect of work is essential. So far, Kata has been the only specialist who could not only achieve our expectations, but also exceed them.
Apart from the exquisite professional traits, Kata has been an incredible support to the brand. In the emergency cases, when we had a last minute order to fulfill, she would always somehow make it work and find the opportunity to produce the pieces, even if she was busy with her other projects at the time.
We couldn’t wish for better production support for our brand. Entering the market, it has been of a crucial importance for us to demonstrate our product quality as the highest, and only thanks to Kata Bartyk this has been possible.
It goes without saying that I would recommend Kata to any luxury leather brand (she is a rare find), but only if you share the same values and are able to appreciate her the way she deserves.

Ann Galé


What to hire me for?

Workshop, teamleader, supervising

Should it be the workshop or a position where I organize, supervise, serve as a connection between makers and workers, thinkers and actors.

Need someone who knows and understands both sides of the coin?

Props Soft furnishing Set dressing Heavy duty fabric work • Fine textile • Leather

Choose me if you want

  • an excellent leatherworker and leader
  • draper who can serve your desires even with short notice
  • someone to help out props or breakdown in processes
  • an enthusiastic person to assist you, who thinks forward,  tells no lies, accurate and cares about details when they make significant difference
  • someone who you can count on

Do not choose me, if you

  • can not take honesty
  • use emotional terror to push things through
  • unable to share the system you are working with
  • do not have a system working well and does
  • not  want to have one