Let yourself have it

Aks for something which you can not buy anywhere, but you really would like to have it. Search for it. Long for it for a long time. Done?

Then collect all your thoughts and tell me about it. How big it is, what color it has, does it have patterns? How about it’s shape? How long, how narrow?

Don’t worry if you do not have such an exact idea yet. Write me what you know and the rest I will figure out. I know how to find out what is in you. So in the end you will say: „I did not know exactly what I wanted, but I feel that this one I like very much” .

Give a present that makes them smile

I know that you have beloved friends, family members to whom you do not want to give a whatever gift. Moreover, not even an anything as a gift. You know very well her style, colors and what she is a fan of. Also what she hates. She is a person in your life which can not be replaced.

It is really worth to give this kind of person a present which makes her feel: you are caring and she is important for you. A unique belt, bag, case, pouch, jewelry or even a house interior piece is exactly like this. If you give what she is longing for & put yourself into it it has to be a special match. I help you to find out what kind of gift it is which she will never forget!

Prestige - business present

You are about to give a business present to a key person? You need a gift which hits? Would you like him to remember to your work even when he is not in business mode in his life?

Then give him a gift which balances perfectly between business and private life.

Classic card holder with monogram.

Keep your pen & business cards neatly next to your laptop bag. The pocket of the business card closes with a magnet. Ask for it with monogram.

Card holder with tweezer for paper money. For men who hate coins and never keep them.