Explained in more detail

Classic & Modern

My aim is to create something that stands its ground in every way. This often requires mixing  professions, materials and methods in just the right proportions. I think a lot outside of the box and I urge you to do the same when you ask me for the object of your dreams.

I spice up your order with experiences continously learned & gained, besides what I’ve learnt in the good old fashiones folk leathercraft school while doing my degree. As a good cook, I am able to observe what spices are mixed in you and what food you ultimately crave. It may be classic, it may carry folk elements, it may be amazingly modern and minimalist, but it may also be an excellent blend of some of these.

The point is that, keeping in mind function – design – durability, I use techniques and materials that are the most ideal for the given object and you also like.

Search • Research • Create

One does not really learn a profession at school. Although I have one (folk leatherworker) too, I started studying at a leatherworker workshop quite early in addition to graduating from school. It was the workshop of Mónika Frankl, whose name is well known in the film industry. Costumes and accessories are made here for plays, films and series, in Hungary.

I occasionally visit professional and related profession’s workshops. I’m constantly paying attention to what innovations have been invented, because yes, even though it’s an ancient profession, there’s always a tiny new one under the sun. It is my nature to be constantly interested in novelty, another trick, other people’s different approaches, mindsets, experiences.

You can be sure that I will use the knowledge gained in this way in your work as well.

Tradition, leatherwork, but not the way you think about it at first



Classic leather craft is like classical music. And modern leather work is like pop music. Each has its own beauty, but one can excel in pop music when has its classical foundations.


This is what you can feel when receiving your finished piece of art. Like the music of an excellent musician, just as hard it is to explain this with words. You just see, hear, feel that it is different from the others. Everything is in its place. Rough where it should be. Soft where it feels perfect like that. Never too much, never too less.


What is tailor-made? That’s when we deal with Your dream.


A knife sheat that fits just perfect for your hand, it opens just like it should, the knife slides in it just how it should. Everything on it is just as much as you want it to be.


A bag that we make in a way that even on gloomy winter days, it will be a fresh, cheerful spot in your life. While everything fits in it the way as you need it to.


Leatherwork is artistic. Leather art is following fashion. Leatherwork is made with care about the last details. Leather art is many times mainstream. Leatherwork is slow. Leather art progresses.


Each has its advantages and disadvantages. As in so many areas of life, I represent the transition here as well. A little of this, a little of that. But of all, collecting and further developing only the best, most useful things.



Making Your dream come true

It will be a process that is about You. First, figuring out what you want. I know this may seem trivial right now, but believe me, I’m going to ask questions you don’t expect, and you’ll feel like *hit, I never thought of this many aspects, details!

On the way, it usually turns out that there are those who have a very precise idea of ​​what they want & there are those who do not. Don’t worry, I’ll help you with the decoding. Just so I can make the result REALLY heartbreaking to look at and to use every time. To which, if someone knows you very well, he will say, “Awesome, it’s really you!”

Although I don’t know you, during my work I work on getting to know you. I usually feel the individual’s own inner world quite good, once my questions are answered by you.

Everything is custom made. Tailored for you. Extreme thoroughly.


I DO NOT make anything you can buy in the stores. Believe me, it wouldn’t be worth for you.  I can not compete with series production and I do not want to copy things.

Everything is made individually. Tailored for you. You don’t even think how thoroughly. You won’t get this anywhere else.

This is great for you, because you can fully customize what you ask for. I’m not working with pre-invented templates that I’m transforming here and there a bit and I’m already declaring them unique and unrepeatable.

Here we’re really starting from scratch and form an object completely tailored to you.