Who am I?

And why am I doing what I am doing?

What I do (and what I don’t)

Tradition, leatherwork, but not the way you think about it at first

Classic leather craft and modern leather work are not the same.

My work represets the transition. A little of this, a little of that. But of all, collecting and further developing only the best, most useful things.

Special dreams coming true

I make things, pieces, art what you REALLY want. Which is opening just where you wanted to. Has a given vibe. Reflects the owner of the object. Because of this, this is always a process…

Only what you can't get anywhere else

Please contact me when you would like something, which you can not buy anywhere else.  For that I do not undertake to “steal” the mental and physical work of others. I am always open to new twists and development but this does not include copying.

The leather crafter

Since my childhood, I find myself in creating, yet I have been looking for my happiness elsewhere for 26 years. 2013 was a particularly magical year for me, that’s when I decided to do everything differently from now on. This is how my workshop was born and my real life started.

Everything what you find here is made in the spirit of aesthetics, beauty, durability and usability, practicality. Although it is not a secret, that I have another intention besides making my objects and recommending them to you.

And it is what we often tend to forget: what real values are.

This came to my mind first when I looked everywhere for a very special leather-coated register. And every time again and again, when I touched it, sniffed it. Sometimes I just put it on my desk, so when my gaze passes by, my sould flourishes.

Well, it has been going on ever since and I trust that I will be able to create something that will delight your soul every day and make you realize what is really important to You in your life.

Kata Bartyik

With heart and soul. But really.

Crafting & Life

Studies (never ending!)

  • Hungarian Heritage House – Classic Folk leather crafts 2015
  • Monica Frankl – Costumes expert workshop for movies and theater
  • Medence Csoport – Reconcept workshop
  • Uncountable hours, which I spend in my workshop with making, continous developing and learning
  • New and newer produvtions, costumes, colleagues, challenges and experiences

Movies, series – costume • props • drapery • fashion SHOW

  • Baghead, Babylon Berlin, John Wick 4, Last Song for Stella, The Last Voyage of the Demeter, Spencer, SONY-Uncharted 2020, Virág Kerényi BCEFW 2019, Shadow & Bone 2019, Dune 2018-19, The King 2018, The Last Kingdom 2018, The Last Kingdom 2017, The Terror 2016-2017 tv series, The Last Kingdom 2016 tv series, Jamestown 2016 movie, Emerald City 2015-16 tv series, King Lear 2015 opera, Farnace 2015 opera, Bánk Bán 2015 opera, Kincsem 2015 movie, Marco Polo 2015 movie, Ben Hur 2014 movie, The Last Kingdom 2014 tv series, and several Hungarian plays

Titi Leather 21 – for conscious people wanting and willing to change.

  • Special motivational bracelets, helping you to reach your dreams
  • Absolutely own idea and creation, coming from my own urge to change
  • Brian Tracy’s hand is definitely in it
  • www.breakyourhabits.hu

They say….

Kata is very kind, helpful, and open to any individual solution. At the personal meeting we were able to discuss every detail, she also brought different samples, she was happy to talk about them as well. The watch strap was completed in a very short time, two weeks. I received regular information about the work process and photos, sometimes questions that arose on the way (for even better results).
It was great to ask her for the job because she is a kind open personality and I think there is a growing need for the principles she represents and quality work in today’s world.
Kata’s two biggest strengths are her positive attitude and her expertise. These were necessary for a positive outcome.

– Katalin Seymann

Thank you for doing everything so correctly. It’s unbelievable that you did this quality of work and administration so quickly! Thank you very much! The products are wonderful!

– Ágnes Dévényi , OVERknits

It all started with me needing some whales. Unfortunately, live ones was out of the question, I have a fairly small apartment. I had to look for another solution: to have whale keychains! This is where my working relationship started with Kata, who does not deal with whale skin, but makes wonderful products mainly from cowhide. There were a lot of thoughts zigzagging around me about what a keychain like this should look like and functionally. From the tangled set of thoughts, Kata created three magnificent goods. It’s not a question of who I’ll turn to again if I have a need for additional animals or other leather goods.

– Béla Biri